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Shooting Range  | Miami Valley Shooting Grounds, Inc. : Vandalia, OH

Miami Valley Shooting Grounds Inc. provides high quality shooting ranges for shooters around Dayton, OH. At the same time, their range is designed to give customers an exciting and safe shooting experience all the time. The facilities found at the range play an important role in achieving this. Additionally, Miami Valley Shooting Grounds is the only public outdoor and indoor shooting practice range in the area.

One of the most popular shooting practice ranges at Miami Valley Shooting Grounds Inc. is the outdoor range. This practice range features 25, 50 and 90 yard distances. They are also equipped with backtop’s. This feature enables these practice ranges to handle all rifle and handgun calibers. At the same time, the shooting practice range is also covered to provide a stable platform for shooters to fire and protect them from different environmental conditions. This shooting range is free for use to all Miami Valley Shooting Grounds members while non-members have to pay a fee of $12 per day.

Indoor Practice

Miami Valley Shooting Grounds also has an indoor practice range. Their indoor 50 foot practice range supports all types of ammunition from many different handgun calibers. At the same time, they have a 75 yard indoor practice range in Springfield, OH, that can handle rifles, shotguns and handguns. Additionally, their indoor practice range has numerous safety features. One of these is the bullet trap. Its unique design decelerates, captures and disposes of all bullet fragments and bullets. This eliminates the danger of ricochets or splattering.

Their indoor practice range also has target retrievers. These retrievers are equipped with an intuitive touch screen. This allows the user to adjust their target’s distance. Their indoor practice range also features safety baffles. This feature creates an impenetrable wall to prevent bullets from exiting the facility. Their indoor practice range has a fee of $12 per hour for non-members and $6 for members of the club.